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Midlands 'Open' Jive Champs 2017


Event Information and
Online Bookings

September 1st 2017


Before booking please ensure you have read and fully understood the Competition Category Rules.

The Judges decision is always final

The booking system accepts Visa, Switch etc, and you do not
require a PayPal account in
order to book.

You will not receive tickets, your booking details will be
held on the
Midlands 'Champs' Database and your booking
receipt will act as confirmation.

All Competitors for the main categories, i.e. Intermediate,
Ceroc X etc will get free, automatic, entry to the
'Lucky Dip' category.

Do not in this case click on the 'Lucky Dip' button - it will be done for you later

Couples entering one Category (exc 'Lucky Dip') will get
FREE entry to a second Category
of their choice
Please enter that choice in booking form message field

Use the appropriate 'Add to cart' buttons (right) to enter
the booking process.

   Remember, If you wish to book a second category
at No Extra Charge
Just add a note at checkout.

Please let us know the name of your competition partner(s) in the message field or by separate email to aquariusballroom@aol.com

Further Information regarding the timetable of the day will appear
on the aquariusballroom.co.uk site when appropriate.

If you have difficulties in booking please contact us on;
07990 554459

Good luck!!

Competition Rules - General

Couples will dance to music chosen by the organisers. This could be anything from the 40's to date.

All judging will be by a points system. Dancers are encouraged to dance to the end of their heat. Qualifying dancers will be asked back to the next round. Judges decisions are final.

Points will be awarded for style, innovation, musical interpretation, quality of dancing and synchronisation of dancers rather than the number/difficulty of moves.

Judges will also award points for dress and presentation.

Airsteps, (lifts, jumps and acrobatic moves), will not be permitted unless specifically stated in the rules. Disqualification from the competition will be automatic should a couple otherwise attempt these moves.

The lead and follow aspect of the dance must clearly be demonstrated

Partners must not release hand hold or break contact for more than eight beats.

The dance must be recognisable as a modern jive like Ceroc. (Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, 50s style,
Rock 'n' Roll, Ballroom Jive etc are not modern jives and therefore are not permitted.)

Dance Teachers/professionals are not allowed to enter certain sections, please check rules.

Dance Professional definition:
Anyone who has taught a partner dance more than 6 times in the previous 6 months for payment.
Anyone who is intending to teach a partner dance more than 6 times in the next 6 months for payment.

Competitor couples or partnerships from the Intermediate, Advanced and Open Freestyle Trophy sections are not permitted to enter some categories, please check rules.

Competition Rules - Specific

  The rules pertaining to all the categories can be found on the pages;

                                     Midlands Champs Rules

It is the responsibility of ALL competitors to appraise themselves fully of the general rules and rules specific to the categories they wish to enter

Very Important - Beginners 'X'

As a result of feedback the category Beginners 'X' will not be specified moves OR specified tracks.

This Category will, as in previous years, incorporate all Beginners moves danced in accordance with the existing rules to be found on the above link.

Permitted moves;

Pre - 2011                                             Post - 2011

First Move                                             Comb Mambo

Armjive                                                   Basic Cradle

Armjive Swizzle                                     High First

Manspin                                                 Shoulderspring

Shoulderslide                                        Sling-shot     

Step Across                                          Spot Turn

Octopus                                                 Travelling return

Basket                                                   Short Neckbreak

Side to Side Shoulders

In and Out (Double Handed)


Comb Cerocspin



Shoulder Drop

See above link for full outline of rules



All the Bling!!

Section 1;

Ticket Entries - Important note;

ALL persons wishing to take part in a competition category will also need to buy a ticket for admission to the complete event, including entrants to the 'Lucky Dip' competition.

Please give full name, address and contact details of all persons stating regular Ceroc venue attended in message field provided or by separate email to aquariusballroom@aol.com

Event Tickets (10.30am - 12 midnight)    @ £20.00 p.p.

Evening only Tickets (6pm - 12 midnight) @ £12.00p.p.

Section 2;

Competition Entries

Please give full details of couples and categories you wish to enter.

Lucky Dip @£5.00 p.p 

Intermediate Freestyle Trophy @£10.00 per couple

Beginners 'X' @£10.00 per couple

Seniors Freestyle Trophy @£10.00 per couple

Advanced Frestyle Trophy @£10.00 per couple

Open Category @£10.00 per couple

Pro -Am @£10.00 per couple

Showcase @£10.00 per couple

Double Trouble @£10.00 per couple

Please remember, as already stated;

Couples entering one main category will not only get
FREE Lucky Dip entry but also

FREE entry to a second Category of their choice

Please enter that choice in booking form message field

Midlands Champs Category Format and other bits;

Lucky Dip,
Intermediate Freestyle &
Beginners 'X'

These categories will be run in Heats with approx 10-15% knockout in early rounds to enable as many couples as possible to progress and enjoy competing.
In the later rounds the ‘cut’ gets a little harsher until the Final which will be around 6 couples dancing to 2 tracks.

Double Trouble


These will all be run as Finals.

All entrants will take part in two (three for Open category) Final ‘Heats’ to music of different genre chosen by our DJ’s, approx 1 hour apart (schedule permitting)
In the Double Trouble heats the music will, in Part I, be ‘mid – uptempo’ and later, in Part II, ‘slow- midtempo’ to suit the nature of the category.


All Showcases will be run in succession in front of a panel of evil-minded, hungry and impatient judges.

Entrants must have their music ready on CD or memory stick on arrival and liaise with the DJ’s regarding any particular requirements well in advance of the competition start.

Multiple Categories;

Many entrants are entering multiple categories, it is your responsibility to inform us when you are in back-to-back heats and, wherever possible, we will endeavour to accommodate you with a freestyle track break to change/draw breath etc.

Wardrobe Malfunctions;

In the event of a broken strap, heel (but not fingernail) please raise your hand immediately whereupon we will consider stopping and re-starting the heat after a short remedial break – this applies to the ladies too.

Contestant Numbers;

It is your responsibility to ensure you are wearing the correct number for the category you are competing in at any given time.
You will be told when to collect your numbers from reception, please listen for the announcements and do not try to obtain them in advance - the system has worked beautifully for 8 years and there’s no reason to change it now!

All categories will require contestants to wear numbers

There are lots of other points you will be briefed upon on the day.

It's gonna be great, hope you have fun

Mike & The Team

The Aquarius, Ballroom & Function Suite, Victoria Street, Hednesford WS12 1BT
web; www.aquariusballroom.co.uk
email; aquariusballroom@aol.com
Tel; 07990 554459